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Stamp, Dab, Blot and paint …

... and just press the tube! Whether baby's footprint or big sibling artist phase... our ink is developed for babies, but thought of everyone! Feet, hands, fingers or the tip of your nose – our natural water-based paints from chalk and food coloring brings everbody in a good mood and parents in clear conscience. No stress with overturned cups, paint fingers in your mouth and stray spills - grabbing is expressly permitted with this tube. Easy to washout

KINDACUTE is a modern baby and child brand that offers a variety of curated creative products pure and high quality ingredients, never dumbed-down in their design.

Handmade in Munich
100% biological
Dermatologically tested

Stamping Fun

Thanks to the tube, cloths and fingers stay clean and your baby will enjoy ticklish moments.

Whether for tiny, newly hatched feet or for really big creative hands: the creamy colors in the tube with foam applicator like shoe polish are unique. 

One Tube is enough for at least 60 Babyfootprints. Fast, easy, beautiful. Also perfect for puppy dogs.

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Bio Babystempel

+++ Good bye little Babystempel +++ This ist how we started +++ we switched now entirely to tubes.

What is your favorite color?

Made for babies, thought of everyone …

Stamping, dabbing, blotting, painting. For the most beautiful DIY ideas for crafting.
For tiny newly hatched feet

Ohhhhhh soo small! Stamp adorable Babyfootprints and never forget the magic of new beginnings...

For mature creative hands

Fill out daddy's boring briefings and leave a lasting impression in your friends' book...

With the brush

Press the tube is very wanted! And  Christmas cards will never have missing a personal touch again…

With the sponge

Wipe two blushy easter bunny ears and don’t forget the fox's face touch!

All kinda cute fun!
Are you interested in creativity and exchange?

Wann get creative?

Carving lino, urban sketching, children's birthdays, creative methods or whatever you want - in various workshops you can try things and learn something complete new, be curious, find inspiration or implement some own ideas. 

We share our d.i.y. experience and love for making things ourselves, with designlovers and those who don't like crafting or just curios people. Everyone can be creative, everyone is welcome!