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Co-working Space meets Workshop meets Laboratory

We design, experiment, brainstorm, play and mess around in our munich studio. This is where our products are thought, made, bottled and sold.

Or sent all over the world, from Munich to Singapore. KINDACUTE paints are crafted by hand according to the highest ecological and quality standards. The same applies to all of our other products: we only work with sustainably produced textiles and eco-friendly papers. Come over and say Hi!

Our Team works

When colleagues are friends, work becomes fun, inspiration, discovery and scope. As a team, we each stand for ourselves and all for one. In motion, with the flow, against the current.

Hi, I'm Valentina!

Business instead of baby blues: 2012 as a new mother, I started the label "Nimms Persönlich" with four colors in our kitchen. Several experiments and phone calls with organic chemists, foam and packaging experts later, the Bio Baby Stempel was invented. And over the time as KINDACUTE, it has grown beyond itself - also the product range. Today KINDACUTE is made up of a bunch of creative people, who help me to develop, design and produce products and sent out your orders.

Katrin Holzmann

The talent behind the baby pants in our Stamps & Friends Collection. Katrin's fashion label Mausespatz, hand-sewn organic fashion is created with the greatest care in her own studio in Holzkirchen, south of Munich. The cuts are carefully selected according to the needs of children. Then comes the everyday test from washability to fit and, above all, baby and children's taste. And last but not least, the choice of fabric turns into a piece of clothing into a favorite piece.

Anke Richter

Anke is driven by color and paper and a huge portion of desire, to really let creativity and art coming out of you. Meet her in our Workshops and learn Anke's linocut techniques. As a engineer, co-owner of the 'Make Falafel not War' snackbar and mother of two, Anke is a suprising funny person.

Instagram: @showyou_whatido 

Carola Conradt

Carola uses our colors for her own and other workshops and, as an art therapist, uses creative methods in addition to classic coaching tools to change our perspectives. 

Because art and creativity – in addition to standard coaching methods – allows people, to courageous change their perspectives and support change easily and effectively.

Nati & Noemi

Valentina's sister and our sales professional. You will meet Nati with head set for advice and acquisition on the phone.

Or with her daughter as the protagonist in our photoshoots. As an experienced saleswoman for an IT company, she also deals full-time with customer relationships in the B2B sector.

Carlos Bunzel

The man in Valentina's life. Husband, consultant, sparring partner and numbers artist. Juggles finances, household, two children – and, on top of that, a source of bubbling creativity. Other disciplines: walking lexicon, polished word, travel planner and working also full-time as a relocation manager.