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Stamps & Friends

Great minds think alike. The result? Beautiful gift sets for new moms and dads, with Babyfoot print announcments for grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, godparents, friends and, and, and...

 KindaCute feat. Mausespatz

The Mausespatz duo flies from one world to another as a daring team of explorers and only puts a smile on children's faces.

Pants & Stamps

Mixed double: Beginner Pants and Stamping Fun for baby's first footprints.

100% handmade in Germany

  • Babypants fit up to size 74 (if baby is already 8-11 months old).
  • Bio Baby paint creates lasting memories despite fidgeting feet.
  • Each pair is unique. We only produce a few during a year.

Under Katrin's fashion label Mausespatz, hand-sewn organic fashion is created with the greatest care in her own studio in Holzkirchen, south of Munich. The cuts are carefully selected according to the needs of children. Then comes the everyday test from washability to fit and, above all, baby and children's taste. And last but not least, the choice of fabric turns a piece of clothing into a favorite piece.

Consistently and exclusively
made from GOTS-certified* organic fabric of high quality

A heart for children and their needs

Produced locally and fairly in Bavaria with an eye on details and trendss

Each piece is handmade and always unique

 KindaCute feat. 1ofakind

Small, fine brands that are serious about improving the world.

Pebble-Friends & Stamps

Funtastic double: animal baby rattle for cuddling, grasping and shaking meets baby's first footprints.

Handmade, thoughtfull:

  • The rattles is comfortably in baby's hand and creates the homemade soundtrack
  • Bio Baby paints creates longs lasting memories
  • Each Pebble Toy is unique and proudly fairtrade certified

Under Mark's label 1ofakind he looks for and finds small, fine brands that are serious about improving the world. For example, Pebble, which creates a sustainable, flexible and fair working environment for families in hard-to-reach regions of Bangladesh with around 206 factories. In addition to the technical training of the employees, the education of their children is also provided, which they can bring with them to work.
Fair pay and flexible working hours opens the doors getting out of poverty. The wide spread of production facilities across the country saves long journeys and prevents familys from job-related migration to bigger cities and the separation of families. Womens get paid fair.

Each cuddly toy is Fairtrade, CE and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Each piece is handmade, heartfelt and unique - simply 1 of a kind.