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Stamping Fun, 2x50ml
Take two for perfect gradients
Small print, lasting impression
Stamp, dab, blot, paint... just press the tube! This keeps (grand)parents’ fingers clean and babies in a good mood. Fast, easy, beautiful. Choose two favorite colors.

That's how it gets really nice
With every application of color, skin and color combine better. The color increasingly fills the grooves in the skin - the impression becomes even and structured. So if the first result is a little pale, don't despair...apply color.

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Comes with a Postcard

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Handmade in Munich
100% Organic Ingredients
Dermatologically harmless

Color according to DIN EN 71-7
Taric Code
 32 13 10 00
Weight 0,08 kg Size 55 x120 mm, Ø 35mm

Dermatologically completely harmless, water-soluble colors made from natural raw materials, food colors as well as purified chalk. The pigments are from pure vegetable and plant sources like natural food colorants. They correspond all to the dosage within the approval for food. Food preserver Phenoxyethanol is in, but below 1% according to cosmetic regulations. Excellent covering properties and improved glossiness. 
Can be mixed with other paints from the same set. They are lactose-free and nut-free, water-soluble and washable and microbiologically tested.

Allergy Notes Navy, Meadow Green, Pistachio, Gray, Emerald, Lemon Curry, Espresso, Black, Turquoise, Bermuda are suitable for vegans, meaning they are free of eggs, peanuts and tree nuts, fish, milk, soy, wheat. *Raw materials are rated “very good”, “good” and “playable” according to the NCP standard and consumer german magazin ÖkoTest. Made in Germany.

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