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Hello litte One
Hello litte One
Colorful Birth Announcment
Welcome litte One
Refreshingly simple and lovingly timeless design: little dragonfly invites you to complement the flapping wings with baby's first footprint. The high-quality A4 frame is savor for children's little hands and looks cute in any nursery room. Choose your darling colour to finish the poster:

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  • Warm orange in a low evening sun

    Item number 0764137150266
  • Strawberry red for summer color accents

    Item number 0764137150310
  • Noble green-blue. Mix & match with bermuda & pistaccio

    Item number 0764137150297
  • Soft, super-hip, delicately mystical lilac tone

    Item number 0764137788131
  • Strong sunflower yellow, sweet as honey gold

    Item number 0764137150259
  • Relaxed dark and warm aubergine tone

    Item number 0764137150280
  • Holiday-fresh Caribbean mint green

    Item number 0764137150433
  • Boho color in soft rosé beige

    Item number 0764137150273
  • Well-adhering white tone for colored papers

    Item number 0764137150457
  • Ultramarine Blue – our favorite oceanic color

    Item number 0764137150334
  • Strong dark red – reminiscent of ripe cherries

    Item number 0764137150341
  • Clear deep black for the most beautiful contrasts

    Item number 0764137150358
  • Sophisticated lead gray for calm accents

    Item number 0764137150365
  • Mediterranean-lemon yellow tone with rich color depth

    Item number 0764137150372
  • Exotic, deep dusty pink thanks to black pigments

    Item number 0764137150327
  • Vibrant purple for pure optimism

    Item number 0764137150396
  • Reminds you of the blue glacier on the horizon

    Item number 0764137150419
  • Crisp yellow-green for a colorful canopy of leaves

    Item number 0764137150426
  • Summer meadow green for beautiful childhood memories

    Item number 0764137150440
  • Creamy golden brown tone

    Item number 0764137150303
  • Bright mid-blue for fresh accents

    Item number 0764137150389
  • Dark chocolate color in a bittersweet shade

    Item number 0764137150402
  • Warm, delicate orange for a Mediterranean atmosphere

    Item number 0764137788117
  • Soft, light green for a spring meadow feeling

    Item number 0764137788155
  • Natural soft green that reflects the true color of nature

    Item number 0764137788148
  • Classic soft baby blue for a new universe

    Item number 0764137788124
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1x Print: 16x25 cm + 1x 50ml + Rahmen
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